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Our work for Residential Customers

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We provide a free quotation service within 48hrs for all decoration works, and will endeavour to get all quotes back within 5 days if repairs are needed.

We will do all we can to give you advice on matching colours and getting the finish you want.

we use only the best quality materials at all times to ensure the work we carry out at your property lasts as along possible.

we will protect all of your property by laying dust sheets on the floor and covering furniture with polythene sheeting. On completion of the works we will clean and vacuum the room.

We will inform of the dates and times we will be carrying out works and inform you when scaffolding is going to be erected (if required)

We require no deposit for residential works.




Stripping and thoroughly rubbing down woodwork to get the original look and colour of the wood, this can then be varnished to leave the original woodwork looking like new.

Painting the woodwork at your house can completely change the look of your house there are generally two types of finish to a woodwork paint, either gloss paint which leaves a shiny surface, this finish is more hard wearing and is easy to wipe clean, ideal for a hallway stairs landings and banisters or a satin finish which has a more matt finish which is ideal if you are looking to blend the woodwork in to the surroundings.

Staining is popular in older style properties such as cottages and period properties and is used to make beams and other woodwork stand out.


Painting the walls in any property can transform the room with the wide range of colours now available. If you require a colour chart please ask.

Here are the various finishes to choose from :-

Matt Finish
This type of interior paint has a matt surface. This paint finish is usually used on interior walls. It's especially good if you have to camouflage small wall bumps, cracks, or other imperfections, as this finish does not reflect light.

Flat Enamel
Flat enamel is a paint with a durable flat, matt finish. It's a good choice for toilets and halls, as it holds up to occasional cleaning.

Eggshell Finish
If you can picture the very low sheen of the shell of an egg, you have an idea of how an eggshell paint finish will appear. With only a slight hint of shine or gloss, it's good for walls and holds up better with cleaning than a flat finish paint.

Satin Finish
Satin finish paint has a smooth, velvety look with a bit more gloss. It is most often used for windows, doors, trim, or ceilings, but can also be used as wall paint. This is particularly suitable for children's room's walls, kitchens, or bathrooms, or in areas, which get a lot of traffic. Paint with a satin finish is formulated to hold up to cleaning and light scrubbing.

High gloss paints have an almost reflective quality, as their shiny finish mimics the look of enamel or plastic.

Wallpaper and Wall hangings

We can fit any type of wallpaper or wall hangings, we can either supply this or it can be supplied buy our customers.

Below are some suggestions of where certain finishes are best used.

Cleanability and Durability
While most manufacturers have developed all paint finishes with good cleaning qualities, a general rule is that the shinier the paint finish, the better it will stand up to washing and cleaning.

Child Friendly Finishes
When painting children's rooms, we recommend using an eggshell or satin paint on the walls and semi-gloss for doors and mouldings. These finishes are formulated to better withstand repeated cleanings.

Rustic Looks
In order to give a worn or old look, use flat finish paints for walls or furniture. If clean ability is an issue, you might select flat enamel for trim or an eggshell finish for walls.

High Gloss Looks
Rather than choosing high gloss paint for a whole room, it is best used sparingly in select locations, such as doors and trim.

Ceiling Finishes
Ceilings in most rooms are painted with flat finish paint. You could also select an eggshell finish if the surface of the ceiling is flawless. Choose a glossier finish for good light reflection, but only if the ceiling is newly resurfaced and has no blemishes.

Kitchens and Bathrooms
Any room, such as a kitchen or bathroom that will be exposed to water, splashing, or steam is best painted with a semi-gloss paint. A guest bath or toilet, which will have less-frequent use, could be painted with lower-gloss paint, such as satin or eggshell finish.

A Country Home

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